When a person is thriving they are excelling in all areas of their lives.  They are not languishing, ‘making do’ or simply feeling that everything is merely okay – on the contrary, when a person is thriving they are living life to the full, they feel liberated and enthralled by what life has to offer.

When a person is thriving they think optimistically and positively – they face the challenges of life in a robust and purposeful way with goals and targets to be achieved and accomplished.

When a person is thriving they don’t say; “What is wrong with me, what are my deficiencies, failings or shortcomings?” – on the contrary, a thriving person says; “What is going well for me, what are my strengths, virtues and successes, what brings me joy, satisfaction, what gives my life value, meaning and purpose?”

Non-thriving people are preoccupied with avoiding unhappiness and emotional pain, they avoid challenging situations seeking safety from the difficulties of life unlike those who thrive.  Thriving people confront the challenges of life with optimism and hope.  They are resilient, growth minded people who embrace change.

The Thrive Programme is not psychotherapy or counseling – it’s a coaching model centered on personal growth, continuous learning and development.  It’s foundations based in positive psychology, the programme is built upon Rob Kelly’s twenty-five years clinical experience, and fully backed up by scientific research.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you come from, what your family background is, or what your childhood was like… learn to thrive and you can erase your mental hard drive and start all over again!