The Thrive Programme is an evidence-based psychological training programme that teaches people the skills, insights and resources they need, in order to overcome any mental health issues they have and learn to positively thrive.

The programme is very quick (6-8 sessions) easy to follow, there are no unpleasant side effects and anyone, any age, can undertake it.

  • Emilie is Thriving and has overcome health anxiety and depression!
  • Mandy Martin overcomes depression with The Thrive Programme
  • Rian is Thriving - after curing himself of chronic fatigue in six weeks
  • From suicide attempts to Thriving in six weeks - Laura 'Birdy' Bird
  • Mary aged 81 overcomes a phobia after 75 years - with The Thrive Programme
  • 'I am 100% cured of my emetophobia' - how Laura conquered her fear of being sick
  • Amazing 10 year old Keira overcomes IBS and anxiety with Thrive
  • Rakesh now looks on the positive side of life with The Thrive Programme
  • The truth about the medicalisation of depression - and how much harder it is to recover
  • Becci learns to thrive and overcomes , BPD, self-harming and anxiety
  • Melissa overcomes her fear of flying and learns to Thrive
  • 9 yrs old Sean overcomes his fears and phobias with the Thrive Programme