Cure Your Emetophobia and Thrive

Despite emetophobia affecting up to an estimated 5 to 6 % of the population (over 3.5 million people in the UK alone) it is a largely unheard of phobia even among those in medical or therapeutic professions. Most sufferers do not talk about their phobia, keeping it a secret even from family and close friends. It is not uncommon for people to be unaware that there is a name for the way they feel much less that many others feel the same way. The aim of National Emetophobia Awareness Day (NEAD) is to educate and support the UK in understanding and overcoming emetophobia.
National Emetophobia Awareness Day, on 5th March has been a great success. Over ninety radio stations around the country ran features about the event.
Rob Kelly officially released, ‘Cure Your Emetophobia and Thrive’ his book, adapted from The Thrive Programme, to specifically address emetophobia, at the Royal Society of Medicine, in London, during the presentation he gave there. You can view the presentation in full below.
Rob also released the results of a study of 62 emetophobes who had been through the programme the research can be viewed in full here Emetophobia Research Project.