"I have always been like this – its too late to change now" …. Does that sound familiar?

As a Therapist I hear this a lot and nothing could be further from the truth. None of us have ever been taught to manage our thinking so we have managed over the years, and some of us over more years than we care to remember, as best we can to get on with our lives and just” make the best of what we have been “landed with”. Its easy to place the blame for any shyness, lack of confidence, low self esteem etc as being down to other people or other things from the past. If we focus on low self esteem, the root cause of that low self esteem may go back to an experience from early in your childhood BUT the way you feel TODAY is only based on thoughts and feelings that your mind has processed over the last 2-3 weeks!! That’s why its so easy to change IF you know how to manage your thoughts and emotions. Those things you always thought may be difficult or impossible to change about yourself could in fact be really easy!! The change – if you put the effort in – can be very rapid and dramatic. But you have to realise that the therapist will NOT fix you. Instead the therapist will give you the tools that will enable you to fix yourself and importantly will explain what you need to do with the tools and how to use them effectively. This in effect builds your self esteem as you process your achievements in making the changes necessary. Its not your fault that you may have a mis-managed way of thinking as no-one has ever taught you to manage them properly so its NEVER to late to start to change your life.. believing you can change it is the first step to it actually becoming reality.

Greg Coyne…
Thrive Consultant