Just how much effort do YOU put in to change your life?

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Recent figures show that the UK has its highest number of “obese” population ever so its no surprise that therapists are seeing more and more clients who want to lose weight. What has become evident over the years is that clients are coming wanting the therapist to “fix-them” and for many years suggestion hypnosis has often been a “quick fix” for many clients that unfortunately resulted in only short term weight loss much the same as their dieting efforts. Initial enthusiasm is often followed by the inevitable weight gain as “the diet did not work” mindset kicks in. When discussing previous weight loss I so often hear the familiar phrase…. “it always goes wrong when I get to having lost X stone”. What is this magic IT that always causes things to go wrong? What is this magic IT that causes you to start putting more food in your mouth again .. more than you actually need? This may come as a shock to you, as it has to many clients, but there is no “IT” that goes wrong its YOU that messes up and fails to take responsibility for what you eat. What you should have said is “I always mess up my weight-loss when I get to X stone”. The responsibility to lose weight stops with you, and its no good you saying you want to lose weight on a scale of 10/10 and then a couple of weeks later only be putting in 6/10 effort. If you don’t take responsibility with weight control then I would guess there are many other areas of your life that you treat the same. Thankfully its relatively easy to change that mindset and start to believe you CAN become the person that you truly want to be, to start to rehearse “success” rather than “failure”… you just have to put in the effort to make it happen and then you can THRIVE.

Greg Coyne
Thrive Consultant

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