Sit down, have a coffee and Thrive!

This month you can get  tips on how to Thrive while you settle down with a hot drink and a magazine. ‘Healthy’ and ‘Slimming World’ spoke to Thrive’s creator, Rob Kelly about happiness and confidence.


‘Positive emotions such as happiness, satisfaction and contentedness are linked to a person’s beliefs and thinking style, which is learned,’ he says ‘Anyone can change their way of thinking so that they feel happier. Our experiences in life are not about reality as such, but rather about reality filtered through our belief system. Those who are happy recognise and process the day-to-day good things in their lives. They are appreciative of positive outcomes and really believe that they have things to feel glad about.



Give yourself a confidence boost with this simple tip. The way we feel about ourselves depends on our experiences over the last 14 days. So, note down 10 positive things you’ve done recently – big and small – and for the next fortnight remind yourself of them five or six times daily to enjoy the feel-good glow.