Thrive in School


Rob Kelly and Charlotte Allen with the girls and their teacher.

Rob Kelly was recently invited to bring the Thrive programme into the classroom.
Over the last 6 weeks a group of six teenage girls have been diligently working through the programme with Rob Kelly, creator of the Thrive Programme and Charlotte Allen, Thrive Consultant and Director of Thrive Research. In that time there have been noticeable changes which have been commented on by the girls themselves and by their teachers.

During their time working with Rob and Charlotte the group has been encouraged to recognise positive experiences and value their achievements. They have been shown how, by taking credit for and internalising those achievements, they can improve their self esteem and build resilience.

The Thrive Programme has demonstrated why  an Internal Locus of Control is so important – helping them see that they have the personal power and resources to deal with any challenges they may face. Understanding the importance of perspective and gaining  the knowledge and tools to maintain that perspective and consequently manage their responses to situation means they can deal with situations which might otherwise lead to them creating stress.

The significance of the language we use and how it impacts on the way we think and feel was shown as was the role of imagination and visualisation and the importance of thinking about things the way you want them to be rather than the way you fear they will be.


Thriving – The girls with their certificates and Thrive manuals.

The programme was delivered in a way which was fun and engaging for the group, as far from a listen and take notes scenario as can be imagined and is deemed a great success by all involved.

If you would like to know more about Thrive or would like to enquire about introducing Thrive to a school in your area you can contact Rob Kelly here