Thomas overcame a severe panic and anxiety disorder after suffering for 20 years!

Thomas has a sadly familiar story – he suffered from a severe panic and anxiety disorder, sometimes known as General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), for two decades. That’s a huge chunk of this young man’s life.

He tried everything from breathing exercises to herbal remedies – but they were just short term fixes, like putting a sticking plaster on an injury without treating it properly. The problem just came back after the initial placebo affect of trying something new had worn off and he was back to suffering panic attacks and severe anxiety.

After coming across The Thrive Programme, Thomas could see that the short course was just what he was looking for. It educated him about how his mental health works and gave him the tools to overcome his anxiety and panic attacks, empowering him to become more resilient and start enjoying life, rather than be crippled by panic attacks and severe anxiety.

Now, after going through the programme with a Thrive Consultant, he’s doing the things he wants to do in his life and is truly thriving. Check out his inspirational video below for Thomas’s story in his own words and contact us directly via this website if you’re experiencing similar issues in your life. Thomas is proof that there is help available and it really works.