Joan beats a lifetime of severe depression and she’s back to work! CBT, medication & therapy failed – this was the only thing that REALLY worked…

Joan is a warm, intelligent lady but had suffered from severe depression for many years and was off work. Like many others in her position, she’d tried a number of treatments including CBT, therapy and medication, but these just put a sticking plaster on the issue and didn’t address the problem.

This meant she continued to suffer and was off work when she discovered The Thrive Programme. Within a few weeks of completing the easy-to-understand course with the help of a Thrive Consultant, a trained professional who helped her through the programme, she was back at work and enjoying all that life had to offer.

Watch the video below for Joan’s story in her own words – if you’re suffering from depression or similar symptoms, or you’re off work due to mental health issues, then get in touch. You are not “broken” or “beyond repair”, as Joan thought she was – there is help available and it really works. She is living proof of this. Take back control and contact us today.

It is estimated that 10 – 20% of people in the Western World will experience depression at some time in our lives. The Thrive Programme is a unique method of helping you overcome depression and associated mental health issues (anxiety, insomnia, weight gain/loss and OCD to name just a few) by showing you how you how these feelings come about in the first place and enabling you to develop the psychological skills, resources and self-insight to change your mindset and live a life free of depression.

In fact it goes further than this and enables you to thrive – that is, to live your optimum life. Even if you’ve had depression for decades you can still feel your mood lift in a relatively short timescale, your confidence will increase and you will start to enjoy joie de vivre.

The Thrive Programme comes from a completely different angle to any other treatment, therapy or intervention. Using the Programme, anyone can learn how to enjoy good mental health. Thrive is NOT therapy – it’s the complete opposite to therapy – and it puts you in the driving seat. This means that when you do meet a hurdle in life, you’ll be well-prepared to meet them head on, feeling powerful, capable and positive. With the Thrive Programme there’ll be no stopping you!