Hearts, flowers, chocolates & Champagne

It’s that lovey-dovey time of year!

Romance is in the air for some of us.

For others it’s ‘just another day’ that highlights a difficult relationship status or relationship history.

Developing a strong internal locus (perhaps by completing The Thrive Programme) makes the difficult process of forgiveness much easier.

The Thrive Programme advocates understanding, forgiveness, communication & humility: the wheels that make the carriage roll!  The Thrive Programme promotes the importance of an ‘internal locus of control’ which makes it easier for you to forgive someone, when necessary.  Forgiveness is possibly the ultimate sign of having a strong internal locus.

Forgiveness is about a change in emotion and a willingness to let go of negativity. It is about remaining actively in control; not a passive slump into ‘victim’ status. It can be a sense of ‘shutting the book’ on a situation; avoiding retaliation and feeling a sense of benevolence and high self-esteem.  Forgiveness means reacting to betrayal in a constructive way, which takes huge courage and love; both for oneself and the perpetrator of the betrayal.

Forgiveness is a sign of strength and an almost selfish act, such are the personal benefits. It can lead the way to reconciliation. Once you have forgiven someone, negativity  you were feeling is replaced by compassion and benevolence. Your mood improves and you feel less stressed: the rewards are there for the taking.

We’ll be back with more romance later in the week.

‘To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.’

Louis B. Smedes