Madonna takes a tumble – and THRIVES

So, Madonna took a tumble.

What’s that got to do with The Thrive Programme?

Megastar Madonna had costume-failure (well, costume-removal failure) at last night’s Brit Awards.

She fell over in front of a global audience of millions, got up and got back on with the show.

This exemplifies many skills taught through The Thrive Programme.

Firstly, Madonna has a competitive and determined nature (she’s a ‘squirrel’ in Thrive Programme terms) – her dogged determination and single-mindedness has got her where she is today. This love of control & success and means she is probably quite capable of making decisions regardless of her emotional state.

Secondly, self-esteem. Performers are well-trained to PERFORM: Madonna once had the same anxiety as the rest of us, but aged 56 she has plenty of experience at channelling this. Never one to shy away from the limelight, Madonna is unlikely to ponder or brood on other people’s negative opinions of her and she is certainly no stranger to controversy. If we knew what she was thinking, I bet she’s proud of her professional performance, and the positive response she had from the audience and the Twittersphere.

Thirdly, resilience. This is the core of The Thrive Programme. We often call it ‘bounce-back-ability’. Not only did Madonna get up and get on with the show, but she will do it again. She is emotionally resourceful and she won’t let a blip like this one faze her. No need to dwell or ruminate or chastise herself; she’ll make a realistic appraisal of the situation.

Her public response to the fall has been light-hearted and realistic when it could have been a diva-esque tirade of blame. These are all choices we have to make regularly – perhaps not falling off stage in front of TV cameras, but choosing to move forward, treat ourselves with self-compassion and not let setbacks hold us back.

Anyone can do The Thrive Programme. Armani cape & troupe of lithe scantily-clad dancers optional.