My own experience of Thrive

I use thrive with many of my clients because I believe in it. I have recently had to become a thrive trainee again and apply the principles to myself all over again. Just a few days ago I was driving along the m25 200 miles from home heading back to our holiday apartment when I heard a bang and then all of a sudden we were spinning round the motorway nose to nose with an oncoming lorry at one point and eventually coming to a stop in the fast lane facing the central reservation.  A lorry in the next lane to us had decided to change lanes without checking his blind spot first. Over the next few hours images of the accident would flash into my head. Because of my thrive training I know that I was creating these images and that they weren’t just happening to me. I began to shout STOP in my head to make the images disappear, looking at the smiley face of my 1 year old helped too!  I refused to let the images make me think what if…

I always have been and always will be a daddy’s girl and the first person I rang whilst standing on the hard shoulder was my dad. He told me I should be elated we had survived and that he was so proud of me for keeping my family alive. I said thankyou and yes I’ll take that praise because I knew I deserved it and it is now on my list of 10 achievements!

Well today I got behind the wheel of a car again. I was nervous and extremely hypervigilant of course but I had to keep reminding myself not to give in to Coue’s law as any doubts I had about my driving may turn into silly mistakes on the road.

I knew I had the skills to get through this and I knew to be kind to myself and not demand too much of myself. And yes after all that I have increased my self esteem and lowered my social anxiety (I won’t go into what I shouted at the lorry driver on the side of the motorway!)

Alecea White
Thrive Consultant