Help for Depression and learn to Thrive in just 30 days!

learn to thrive!

Help for Depression and learn to Thrive in just 30 days!

Feeling low, sad and blue? Desperate? Teary? Numb? Empty? If you’re feeling depressed, The Thrive Programme® is your opportunity to recover, to build positivity, self-esteem and get your life back.

We can all feel down from time to time – feelings of sadness are quite normal. Stress can certainly lead to these feelings; pressures of work, finances, relationship or family worries. However, what is different about depression is that these feelings last for weeks or months, rather than days. We can feel down, miserable or ‘in a mood’ but depression is where one feels this to a greater extent for a extended period of time.

The video below is of Rob Kelly – creator of The Thrive Programme®, discussing the real causes of depression in society, and how quickly it can be overcome.

It is estimated that 10 – 20% of people in the Western World will experience depression at some time in our lives. The Thrive Programme® is a unique method of helping you overcome depression and associated mental health issues (anxiety, insomnia, weight gain/loss and OCD to name just a few) by showing you how you how these feelings come about in the first place and enabling you to develop the psychological skills, resources and self-insight to change your mindset and live a life free of depression.

In fact it goes further than this and enables you to thrive – that is, to live your optimum life. Even if you’ve had depression for decades you can still feel your mood lift in a relatively short timescale, your confidence will increase and you will start to enjoy joie de vivre.

Very often, feelings of depression can seem to come out of nowhere – indeed many depressives feel very frustrated with themselves at the apparent lack of any real cause or trigger for their depression. Anxiety disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, social phobia and generalised anxiety disorder often accompany depression.

The great thing about using the Thrive Programme® to overcome depression is that it’s not symptom-specific; it is the predictable way to feel better overall. The cause of your depression is not insignificant, but neither is it going to show you the way to recovery and this is how the Thrive Programme® differs from many other conventional treatments for depression.

Imagine for a moment – where do your feelings sit on a happiness number line (above)? Perhaps you’re having a really bad time at the moment, and feel like -5. In seeking help, you’re hoping to climb back up the scale to ‘0’ i.e. not depressed. Within a few weeks of working through the Thrive Programme® it’s likely that you’ll be well on your way to rating yourself as a 4 or 5 on the scale.

Other problems will also be a thing of the past: no more insomnia, sexual problems, your self-esteem will have increased and you will no longer feel out of control. Anxiety fades away and your cognitive functioning will have improved. It’s far less probable that you’d be feeling that good within a few weeks of conventional therapy.

The Thrive Programme® is relatively quick, with most people completing the programme and transforming their lives within two months, and you can complete the Programme alone or with the support of a licensed Thrive Consultant®. Why not watch some of our testimonial videos here.

Research has found that those who believed that their lives were controlled by chance or powerful others, had higher levels of depression. The Thrive Programme® helps you to gently address and overcome these feelings of being out of control. It is important to stress that it is not a form of CBT or medication.

The Thrive Programme® comes from a completely different angle to any other treatment, therapy or intervention. Using the Programme, anyone can learn how to enjoy good mental health. Thrive is NOT therapy – it’s the complete opposite to therapy – and it puts you in the driving seat. This means that when you do meet a hurdle in life, you’ll be well-prepared to meet them head on, feeling powerful, capable and positive. With the Thrive Programme® there’ll be no stopping you!

The video testimonials on the right and below and all from people who have overcome their depression and learned to Thrive, in just a few weeks!

The Thrive Programme® is a life-changing psychological training programme that empowers you with the skills, insights and resources in order to take control of your life, overcome any symptoms or problems you have, and thrive! Contact us today and change your life.

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