Shawn’s severe stress has gone for good after doing The Thrive Programme: “I’m Thriving!”

Despite being initially skeptical of going down the non-medication route to cure his severe stress, anxiety and depression, Shawn soon realised that the tools The Thrive Programme gave him allowed him to manage his mental health and be free of the negative symptoms that had held him back.

Shawn had seen a lot of these symptoms in people he encountered in his day-to-day life, at work and in his personal life, so he was determined not to suffer anymore. So, once he’d found The Thrive Programme, a short course that educated him about how his mental health could be managed and made to work for him, not against him, he hasn’t looked back. His severe stress was soon history.

Within weeks, Shawn was living a happy, stress-free life and was “Thriving!” after completing the course with a Thrive Consultant via Skype. Check out his video below for the full story in his own words.

The Thrive Programme takes on average just 6-10 hours to complete on a one-to-one basis. This is usually undertaken over a 3-6 week period. You can discuss dates and options with your Consultant.

The Thrive Programme is not therapy – it is a training course – your relationship with your consultant will be very much like your relationship with, say, a personal trainer. Also, in therapy, therapists ‘do stuff’ to you in order that they may: elicit changes in you, ‘release’ some sort of ‘block’ from inside you. This programme couldn’t be more different… you will be taught everything you need to know in order to: let go of the past, supercharge your self-esteem and self-confidence, overcome any social anxiety or fear and optimise your thinking skills, emotions and beliefs… these are the steps you need to take in order to feel powerful and take control of your life.

Your Consultant will guide you through the programme and demonstrate how to apply all the techniques and insights. In addition to your Consultant sessions you will be required to put in some time and effort each day in order to put your learning into practice, hone your new skills and ultimately learn to thrive.

If you are ready to commit time and effort and want to join the long list of people who have already taken control of their lives, beating symptoms like severe stress from work or personal life pressures, and are now thriving, please use the list below to contact your nearest Consultant.

All Consultants have completed our unique Thrive Consultant Training Course, and receive on-going training, mentoring and supervision. They are the only professionals (with a strict code of practice) trained to deliver our unique programme – only go through the programme with a licensed Consultant – listed here – as you will NOT receive the correct support anywhere else