Thrive Programme graduate Becci talks about overcoming self-harm on ITV’s Good Morning Britain!

This week, a worrying report from The Children’s Society indicated that almost a quarter of 14-year-old girls self-harm. Added up, the figures in their report allege that over 100,000 young people have self-harmed in the UK over a 12-month period.

That is a shocking number and yet another indication of the pressures that young people are increasingly faced with, without being taught cognitive skills and coping abilities to manage these pressures. So what kind of difficulties can lead to self harm?

If a child or teenager lacks confidence and self-esteem, it can be easy for them to create fears and insecurities when faced with challenges in their lives and leave them feeling powerless over their ability to cope.

They may have social anxiety, and feel harshly judged by others, or feel shy and unable to speak up for themselves or to talk about what is bothering them. When children lack belief in their ability to cope with situations, this can lead to extreme coping mechanisms such as self harm, substance abuse, and eating disorders, or other avoidance mechanisms like skipping school or isolating from others.

Inspiring Thrive Programme graduate Becci Wain came to Thrive Consultant Amy after years of self-harm and anxiety, loneliness, anger, and struggling emotionally at school. Yesterday, during their coverage of The Children’s Society Report she was interviewed on Good Morning Britain to share her story of self harm and her journey to Thriving – we’re sure you’ll agree that Becci showed that whilst self-harming is really tough to go through, it is possible to overcome it and live a happy, harming-free life.

Her Consultant, Amy Smith, also expressed her pride in Becci’s progress: “Three years ago I had the privilege of taking Becci through The Thrive programme. Today Becci was on Good Morning Britain raising awareness on self-harm. I’m so proud of Becci, it’s such a privilege to know her and for The Thrive Programme to have been the turning point in her recovery.”

She also talked about her experience of overcoming self-harming in a BBC article, and recorded this testimonial about her experiences with The Thrive Programme in helping her overcome her mental health challenges.

Becci is living proof that we don’t have to live with mental health issues such as self-harming, low self-esteem, anxiety and related problems. Even if therapy and medication-based treatments have failed in the past, The Thrive Programme offers a completely different approach to overcoming psychological problems by teaching you how mental health really works and how to be in control of it, rather than letting it dictate your life.

As Becci confirms, the results are life-changing.