Yahoo Lifestyle top tip from Rob Kelly’s Thrive Programme..

tips for success with new year's resolutions

5. Recognise your achievements
Make sure you say well done to yourself for the efforts you are putting into achieving your goals and realise that it is this hard work that will lead to success. Whenever you achieve a goal (or a step along the way), praise yourself for your accomplishment.

Additionally, rather than just thinking about what you have achieved, what you have learned along the way is really important – often more important than the actual outcome – since it is these skills that will enable you to thrive in life.

The Thrive Programme is a new and unique psychological programme, which helps people with a number of different problems including, motivation, negative thinking, addictions, confidence, phobias and a variety of other health and social conditions. Rob can be found on Twitter and his workbook, Thrive – the Changing Limiting Beliefs workbook: Health, Happiness and Success is out now.


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