5 Million preventable deaths each year from smoking – it’s a question of how powerful you feel and what you believe…

Q. What’s been the biggest cover-up/cock-up/abuse of power/conspiracy of the twentieth century?

(a) How did Trump get in?
(b) Who shot JFK?
(c) No WMD in Iraq?

A. None of them.

The biggest abuse of power, indirectly responsible for 5 MILLION deaths worldwide each and every year (rising to 8 million by 2030), was orchestrated by the medical professions (through ignorance rather than malice) (1)

The moment the surgeon general of the USA stated that ‘smoking was an addiction’, he effectively signed millions of death warrants, and continues to do so every single day.

Around one fifth (19%) of people smoke, and the vast majority of those smokers would like to stop (69%). (2)

Do you know the main reason why most smokers don’t stop? Because they believe it will be too difficult.

Do you know why they think it will be too difficult? Because they believe they are addicted to it.

“The major reason given by users for their failure to quit is that they think they are addicted. Drug users are widely portrayed as victims of molecular processes beyond their control, devils in their brains. Addiction provides a “vocabulary of motive” which makes the failure to stop, not just acceptable, but expectable.” (Atrens, 2000)

Every single day of their lives they are told that they are addicted, that they are powerless, that they have a dependency upon nicotine, and that this thing is beyond their control. NONE OF WHICH IS TRUE!

A big chunk of the ‘scientific’ research undertaken into nicotine addiction, is bankrolled by the big drug companies – and yet we still call these people ‘scientists’. How many anti-smoking aids do you know of that aren’t based on the premise of nicotine addiction?

Oh the irony, the message ‘smoking is addictive’ on packets of cigarettes – meant to put people off from smoking – is actually binding and anchoring them even further into their powerless beliefs that they are addicted!

A cursory glance at some of the research conducted into ‘nicotine addiction’, will show you that it is completely flawed. They would have done better letting the rats and monkeys set up the experiments!

Do YOU believe smoking is an addiction?

How come smokers tend to sleep soundly at night – without waking or needing a cigarette or nicotine during the night? Are they only addicted during the daytime?

How come smokers manage to cross the Atlantic every day for 10+ hours, and not need a cigarette or nicotine?

How come pregnant women generally stop smoking easily, without any side effects or cravings, just because they are motivated to stop?

How come Hasidic Jews find it really easy not to smoke on the Sabbath?

If smoking IS an addiction, then nicotine replacement therapy – like patches/gum/injections/inhalers would have a really high success rate, yes? No. The very highest proven success rate for these techniques is 13% (nicotine gum) 19% (nicotine patches) and 19.7% to 25.6% for daily drugs like Zyban. (3)

A little know statistic is that around 95% of all smokers who have ever quit, did so WITHOUT any NRT or smoking aids whatsoever. Where was their addiction? (4)

If you want to know the truth about how to empower yourself or someone you love to stop smoking easily – without any side-effects or withdrawal issues – then you should buy the book ‘Thrive as a non-smoker: The amazing truth about how to stop smoking quickly and easily‘ or visit a Thrive Programme Consultant. Oh, and the programme has a 92.5% success rate (5)

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