The Thrive Programme® is an evidence-based training programme that teaches people the skills and resources to overcome mental health issues and learn to thrive. It was developed over many years by psychotherapist Rob Kelly and a team of psychologists and researchers based in Cambridge, England.

Thriving people have a unique skill-set that makes them more robust, resilient,  and confident… they feel powerful and more in control of their lives… they are less prone to stress, anxiety or depression and they generally live longer and happier. Thriving people find it easier to resist social pressures, take more responsibility for their physical and mental health and live a more positive and active life.

The Thrive Programme® is very easy to follow, usually takes  – on average – just six weeks to complete, and is accessible to all people of all ages.

You can study the programme at home by yourself with one of our manuals (currently being translated into a number of foreign languages, as well as a version for the Visually Impaired), be guided through it with one of our specially-trained Thrive Consultants® (either face to face or online), or by attending one of our events or bootcamps. Either way, the results are predictable, quantifiable and long-lasting.

Thrive Manuals

‘Mental Health’ is actually a far easier subject to comprehend than the press/T.V. and social media would have you believe.  A persons symptoms or problems are actually quite predictable – both to understand and to overcome – once you have mastered some basic thrive skills.

Watch how Mary overcame a hugely debilitating phobia, after suffering for more than 75 years. Birdy tried to commit suicide by jumping in front of a speeding lorry, and yet is now the happiest and most positive 23 year old you are likely to meet! Ben suffered clinical depression for over ten years, and yet overcame it in just a few weeks.  People all over the world are taking control of their lives and learning to thrive – why don’t you, it’s much easier than you think?

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Thrive really helped me to get back to a positive place in my life and I cannot recommend it enough.Amazon Reviewer

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Many people believe that the amount or depth of mental well-being a person is able to experience is somehow fixed or pre-ordained – like the colour of your eyes or the size of your feet – but this is not true. 
Many also believe that symptoms such as phobias, fears, anxiety, depression and eating disorders can happen to anyone, at anytime and its just ‘bad luck’ if you happen to suffer from one (or more) of these symptoms… this is also not true!
A persons ability to thrive (to enjoy great well being and not suffer fears, phobias etc) is dictated almost entirely by two things:
  1. their skillset in managing how they react to the everyday pressures and hurdles in life
  2. their attitude or mindset

The Thrive Programme® teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know in order to take control, learn how to respond in positive and adaptive ways to the stressors and hurdles of life and create the mindset necessary to thrive.

Everyone should have access to this programme – it is completely life-changing
(David Clarke)

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