Healthy Magazine – 5 Ways to Thrive in 2014

Thrive is in Healthy magazine this month with 5 tips to help you Thrive in 2014.

Here are the first two

1. Start accepting yourself

It’s beneficial to think of ways in which you can make positive changes in your life, but some people become very caught up in thinking about their perceived imperfections and problems. This is unhelpful because it decreases self-esteem and contributes to feelings of helplessness. This New Year, as well as making some resolutions, set aside some time to reflect upon 10 positive things about yourself, regardless of how small. This will help you to build self-esteem and a sense of power and enable you to feel more empowered in relation to achieving your goals.

2. Set attainable goals

It would, for example, be rather unrealistic to state that you are going are going to run a marathon next month when you currently struggle to walk a mile. Rather than making rash, drunken promises, think about this year’s resolutions in advance. This way, you will be able to (soberly!) think about the kind of goals that are actually attainable. What are reasonable expectations? Don’t be pessimistic about your ability to achieve things, but think carefully about whether or not what you are asking of yourself is realistic. You can set yourself challenging goals BUT these goals should be achievable if you put in determined effort.

The Thrive Programme is a new and unique psychological programme, which helps people with a number of different problems including, motivation, negative thinking, addictions, confidence, phobias and a variety of other health and social conditions. Rob can be found on Twitter and his workbook, Thrive – the Changing Limiting Beliefs workbook: Health, Happiness and Success is out now.