Say what you mean… Mean what you say…

Mean what you say… say what you mean…

Oi! You!

Mind your language!

Wash your mouth out!

No, not that sort of language…

Learning to ‘mind your language’ is an important part of The Thrive Programme as it has a big impact on your mental wellbeing.

When we change our words we can change our minds.

Even a friendly chat gives us a window onto your thoughts and beliefs.

Your thoughts affect your language and your language affects your thoughts

Your thoughts affect your language and your language affects your thoughts

Thrive Programme Consultants are really skilled at listening to you and picking up on clues about your thoughts and limiting beliefs, based on the words & phrases that you choose as well as non-verbal cues including body language and facial expressions.

We notice whether your language is active or passive, positive or negative, powerless, fearful, superstitious or fraught with hyperbolic peril.

Watch the news or check the papers and see how long it takes you to spot the suggestion of impending catastrophe or an over-inflated statement. The media uses lots of hyped-up language and this is rubbing off on all of us. Now we’re ‘addicted to sugar’ – once upon a time we just had a sweet tooth; a few weeks of bad sleeping and we’re ‘insomniacs’; fear of snakes/lifts/balloons/needles has much more gravitas if it’s a ‘phobia’.

We recognise that phobias are serious and that they have a detrimental effect on people’s lives and wellbeing. The way we use language is both a cause and a symptom of our thinking. And it can be changed! This is important, and it can be very empowering

Learning to change your language takes time and effort and is integral to The Thrive Programme. The process and rationale is fully explained in The Thrive Programme book. Our Consultants are all experienced at helping you to ‘mind your language’. This is just one of the skills you will master through the life-changing Thrive Programme. You will be surprised what a significant impact it has on your thinking.

Give it a go; mind your language.