Sometimes our Thrive Trainees deserve a special mention…

Just received another lovely email from a stranger. I have permission to share her email and some of her diary maps..

You can clearly see the amount of effort and determination this lady has put in to changing her life. She deserves the freedom she has created.

Dear Rob,
I am a 55 year old wife and mother. For years I have suffered from being obese, self harming and self loathing.
I work in primary education and thankfully for me I have a very understanding boss who acknowledges mental health and who referred me to our school counsellor.
On meeting him I was apprehensive to say the least, he was half my age, what would he know? This wonderful young man introduced me to Thrive. It took me a while to digest the contents, possibly because my ‘Locus of control’ was most definitely EXTERNAL!
I stuck with it, and this week whilst on half term, I decided to devote time each day to myself…I started to understand myself, accept myself. I made myself a scrapbook, with a page for the key events etc, in my life. Then I’ve spent the last few days just writing words, phrases, quotes and thoughts, anywhere and everywhere.
I have to date lost 18lbs in eight weeks, food doesn’t control me anymore! I feel as though I’ve emerged from a cocoon into a bright, new place and in that place I’m happy to be me.
I have revisited the quizzes in your book and I can’t believe the change, I feel that I can start to live my life. I know that not everything that comes my way will be easy but I know that I have the tools to cope.
So I’d like to say a big thank you to M. H. (my amazing councillor) who swears by your self-help book, and of course you, for giving me the tool to live again.
I now am the proud owner of an INTERNAL LOCUS OF CONTROL! YAY! !!

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