Six reasons to go to a Thrive Conference

Twice a year, the Thrive Community – Consultants, HQ staff, programme graduates and guests – get together for a weekend of inspiring talks, insightful lectures, networking and evening revelry hosted by Rob Kelly.

Ideal for Thrive Programme graduates and mental health professionals, here’s why you should book your ticket today for the Saturday 1st December Thrive Conference in Bedfordshire. 


Every conference features a number of guest speakers and many have inspiring stories to tell.

Recent highlights included Dave Garrick, a world-renowned Hollywood stuntman who shared his insights and stories from serving in the Army to performing ridiculously dangerous stunts in pretty much every blockbuster film and TV series you’ve ever seen.

The recent spring conference saw Israeli Thrive Consultant Batya Orlofsky give an amazing talk about family life on the fringes of a war zone and overcoming her mental health challenges.

Just as inspiring was Lisa Erlandsen, who related her story about overcoming long-term emetophobia and alcoholism – along with her journey through the mental health services – and training as a Thrive Consultant.

Whatever the subject matter, Thrive conference talks will always inspire you to take on new challenges and further improve your mental health.


With the hive mind of the Thrive community in one room and bucket load of positive energy, it’s not surprising how often you’ll find yourself understanding your mental health that little bit better, or finding out something new about yourself or mental health in general.

A recent example can be found in a fascinating talk about CBT at last year’s winter conference. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a treatment which many people have tried before they complete The Thrive Programme, and it rarely has positive reviews.

Having a CBT practitioner who has recently started using The Thrive Programme explain the theory and practice behind the treatment allowed several people to understand why CBT failed for them and, conversely, why this programme was successful.

Understanding why something has worked and why something else hasn’t is a great way of furthering your understanding about your own mental health and what works for you.

In one of this year’s talks, Rob Kelly will be focusing on ‘The Illusion of Control: Why We Like To Believe In Magic’, exploring the psychology of superstition and the impact on our mental wellbeing and our core psychological foundations.


The latest updates to The Thrive Programme courses are often revealed at Thrive Conferences

On a similar subject, the team at Thrive HQ are continually looking for new research and findings to help improve our programmes even more and these are often shared at the conference.

You’ll get a front row seat as Rob Kelly reveals the latest Thrive tools and techniques to help manage your mental health even more effectively – information that otherwise won’t be available anywhere else except in a one-to-one consultation.

Receiving the latest training from the programme’s founder is invaluable and there  is no better way to ensure you’re truly Thriving.


With all the informative talks and inspiring stories – many of which feature people who’ve trained as Consultants after overcoming their own mental health challenges – it’s a great place to learn more about becoming a Thrive Consultant.

There will be Consultants from all around the world present and they will all be keen to share their stories and how they run their practice. They all love helping people and the satisfaction they get from seeing people overcome Thrive is immense – it’s the ideal job for someone passionate about mental health.


Networking Thrive Conference-style!

Many long-term friendships and associations are forged at the conferences, as like-minded people from all over the world connect and bond over a passion for mental health.

The evening events are a great opportunity to meet everyone in a more relaxed setting and enjoy a few drinks and some good food. Previous year’s entertainment has included a casino and there is always a musical interlude, but more about that shortly…

We’re even hopeful of a Thrive marriage one day! You know who you are.


If you needed another reason to spend the weekend with a bunch of bright, happy and fun people, then that reason is surely the velvet vocal chords of Thrive Programme CEO and founder, Rob Kelly.

Give Rob half a chance and he’ll tell you what a brilliant musician he is and all the bands he’s been in, and if he’s within sight of a piano then you’ll get to hear for yourself. Sing-a-longs and 70s / 80s pop medleys are Rob’s bread and butter and, to be fair, he has a very decent set of pipes on him.

Previous performances have included Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life, something that will be easy after spending the day at a Thrive Conference.


Rob Kelly on the mic – don’t be scared, he’s actually quite good…

The Line-Up for the Thrive Conference 2018

Rob Kelly
TTP Founder and CEO

Well, it wouldn’t be a proper TTP conference without a talk by our founder, Rob Kelly! Prior to starting TTP 10 years ago, Rob was a psychotherapist for over 20 years. In this talk, Rob will be focusing on ‘The Illusion of Control: Why We Like To Believe In Magic’, exploring the psychology of superstition and the impact on our mental wellbeing and our core psychological foundations.
Dr. Lucy Johnstone 
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Johnstone is an experienced psychologist, an independent trainer, and joint lead author of an exciting new study, ‘the Power Threat Meaning (PTM) Framework’, a 2018 study 5 years in the making with huge links to many core elements of TTP. She will be discussing the study (backed by the British Psychological Society) and its impact, in her talk.
Marilyn Hawes
CEO of Freedom From Abuse

Marilyn is a former TTP client who used the programme to overcome PTSD relating to family abuse, and now runs her own community interest company, Freedom From Abuse, to help protect other children from abuse and neglect. She is our first official Thrive Ambassador, and will talk about the efficacy of TTP in helping people to deal with the effects of trauma, abuse and neglect.
Emily Stevenson
Co-Founder of Beach Guardian
Emily Stevenson is a fearless eco-warrior and environmental activist who at just 21 has already made huge national headlines with her beach cleaning campaigns, with the aim of using community beach clean days to improve local mental health. Her most recent campaign resulted in Walkers finally agreeing to make their crisp packets recyclable!